Welcome to my website.

This site serves to provide up to date information on the services I offer and as a blog to share my thoughts and ideas on the journey of life and training.

My aim is to help you find balance in your body, mind and spirit (EMBRACE TIGER), and to discover the warrior spirit residing within through the fire of training – Its all training!

The warrior spirit is not about fighting people although cultivating the warrior spirit can certainly help prepare you if you must fight. The warrior spirit is about a shift in how you perceive the world and yourself. It is coming into contact with a still, calm centre that can guide you through the storms of life and towards your dreams. It is the courage to rise again after having been knocked down, picking up the sword and walking on.

A person who knows there is a wild wolf living under their skin has less reason to be intimidated by reality. -Danielle Bolelli, On the Warrior’s Path

I believe that the way of the warrior is not just a way to liberate ourselves from self-imposed prisons, but a way to liberate all others also. The very presence of One on the warrior’s path gives all those around them courage to walk their own path.

We choose only once. We choose either to be warriors or to be ordinary. A second choice does not exist. Not on this earth. -Carlos Castaneda

May this site provide a spark on your own journey.

The Adventure Awaits…


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