I started regular training with David in December 2017. Before training with David, I’ve never done any sports in my life at all, I was in quite poor health as well as suffering from knee arthritis (which David helped me to recover from by making the knee muscles beast).

David has given me lots of nutrition advice, a warrior mindset, improved my confidence and massively helped me with my mental health,

I am able to focus much more now and the training just improved my life quality in general.

I no longer experience fatigue, I am always full of energy. With David’s help I achieved my goal to reach a deadlift of 110kg (double my body weight) within 4 weeks. Before that I didn’t do any weight lifting!

Training with David makes me stronger both mentally and physically. It has become a lifestyle, a thing that I want to do until I die,

David has been a great guide on my path and helped me transform my life massively in the best possible way.

Katrina Maslova


When I learned about David’s abilities I quickly started training with him and it opened my world to so many possibilities of where I could take my training personally.

His passion inspired me in so many different ways and I found myself trying out many different training programs.

I was encouraged by him to try Jiu Jitsu, which I combined with heavy weight training in which he tailored me a program that suited my time and abilities.

As well as David becoming a mentor to me he also became a close friend and this developed through his openness to help, understand and listen to you.

I cannot recommend David enough!

Declan Malone


Before I started training with David I was going through a period of low self-esteem and had never done any sort of physical exercise regularly.

However, you’d be quite surprised how much more confident you can become with yourself just by lifting around heavy things for a few hours a week.

The environment in David’s dojo has a confident, strength-positive atmosphere that encourages everyone of any ability to try their best, something that has really been invaluable in making me both feel strong and actually be strong.

The group environment also allows for positive reinforcement and encouragent between everyone who’s there; no pressure or judgement to perform like a superhero, just come and lift heavy things with us 😀

Leo Mann