Obsessed by martial arts and warriors from a young age I began training seriously at age 12, first doing a lot of fitness work on my own and then in  my uncle’s Karate school. He was a champion and national coach and a great inspiration on my path.

At 15 I began training in Jeet Kune Do and was fortunate enough to meet and train with Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee’s first student.

At 17, always looking to challenge myself, I decided to join the Royal Marines. During training I received special recognition for my ‘Skill in unarmed Combat’. After commando training I was part of the Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines (FPGRM).

I left the marines in 2003 to dive as deep as I could into the study and practice of Martial Arts and Eastern Philosophy.

The next ten years saw many adventures and explorations for me.

A deep study into Shaolin Kung Fu and Taiji Chuan and experimentation with other martial arts such as Capoeira, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I trained in practices such as calisthenics, yoga, kettlebells, gymnastics and circus arts at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Australia. I also travelled a lot. Both for my own training and to train others. Hong Kong, Australia, Africa and all over Europe. I explored both Zen and Taoist philosophy as well as Shamanic practice and traditions including Plant Medicine work. I went into bodywork practices in Tantsu training.

In 2014 I completed my Restorative Yoga Teacher training with Ateeka which offered a deepening into my yoga practice.

In 2016 I fullflled one of my life long dreams and travelled to the Shaolin Temple in China, where I trained in the Songshan mountains with 34th generation masters Shifu Yan Lei, and Shifu Yan Zi.

I haven’t invented anything. Everything I teach has come from traditions that are sometimes thousands of years old. I simply offer my own interpretation of these arts. I am blessed to have had many great teachers in my life and learned from some amazing people. I bow in respet to the traditions, masters, and teachers that have influenced me.

I stand on the shoulders of Giants.

Please visit my contact page to find out more about working with me.


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  1. Hi there I am interested in having some 1-to-1 coaching, do you have an email address/phone number you can pass on to discuss further? Thanks 🙂


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