Is That My Wave?

When we become still inside, we are confronted with right action to take in any situation, or rather the right action begins to happen through us, there is no longer any ‘me’ who takes the action just the expression at that moment as part of the whole. In Brutal terms- your actions are stemming from correct function. No longer are you doing something to get somewhere actions do not stem from egoic fearing and wanting, cause and effect have been transcended. Everything is just pure expression, the dancer realising they are the dance.


That being said, when we become still and we are faced with some particular action to take, we may also glimpse a destination, not an ultimate destination, but simply something that will come to pass through our action right now, a goal or dream if you will. But the destination is not separate from out experience now, its already all part of a unified whole.


When we have a vision or goal before us it is vitally important not to then make this moment a means to that end.


‘Even though you have a goal, what you are doing in the present moment needs to remain the focal point of your attention: otherwise you will fall out of alignment with universal purpose’ Eckhart Tolle


Does that mean you are not inspired by a goal or vision? Hell no , you become on fire for what you do, but your fire is for the doing, for the moment, its the joy of doing something completely, of burning every trace of yourself, of being.
When we have a vision or goal, the ego mind can sometimes bind our expression through fear and self sabotage. Fear of annihilation, fear and belief that you are undeserving of whatever goal you have can you freeze you.
It may well be that right action that is expressing through you is guiding you to take action that to the world may seem crazy, you may need to take seeming risks, to pour your everything into anything requires great courage. It requires you to expose yourself entirely to drop all masks, to stand naked before the world and be moved by God. It requires you to die to the past, die to all your beliefs, die to everything you think you know, die to everything you think you are, to become a blank sheet. The ego knows that it will be its end, that you will realise it never existed at all.
It doesn’t mean that everytime you have a vision or a goal that you need to quit your job, move away, or change your entire life situation, although it may. It means that when you become still whatever action stems from your heart you have the courage to follow it and follow it entirely, no looking back, no regrets whatever you choose to do to do fully and accept the consequences of your actions.
It means that even though you may be shitting yourself, you transcend fear and realise that ultimately there are no risks, there is no good , no bad, things are just as they are, you just have to trust your heart and follow it, what is there to be afraid of? what is there to loose? How can you ever loose anything that is real?
Is that my wave? that big one? I might die….
Of course you will.
And then you will both be the wave and the rider at the same time.
Ride the wave, wherever it may take you
Have no fear
After all you are eternal don’t you know?


The adventure awaits…..
*This is a republished post from my previous blog Brutal Training – Europe*

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