Spirit Moves

A few years ago I won the amazing – ‘Hand Balancing Mastery Course’ in an article competition set up by Logan Christopher over athttp://www.lostartofhandbalancing.com/. I was obviously delighted and very grateful that I won.
Winning that contest however had nothing to do with me, at least not small me, or ego identity. It had everything to however with true me, with the bigger I AM, with spirit. When we dedicate ourselves to an ideal with all our love and all our passion, when that ideal emerges out of our own true soul, when we surrender our egotistical wants and desires we become an expression of spirit, and the cosmic rushes to our aid, spirit helps itself.


How do we know when any action we feel moved to do stems from consciousness instead of ego? Simple – when you don’t have to ask that question. Are you driven to do an action to gain you some sort of personal gratification or identity enhancer or happiness derived from outside of yourself in the future? Or are you moved to do whatever it is you do from a place of quietness and calmness, from love of what you do right now? Is it the destination you crave ? or is it simply the joy of the journey?


That’s not to say there is no vision of a goal, there is a very strong burning vision, a dream emerging before you, but it is simply the natural expression of spirit, of consciousness becoming conscious of itself and expressing through you. The vision before you become secondary to the present moment, to your state of consciousness right now. The paradox is even though there may be a burning vision before you , there is no final aim because your life has become an expression of spirit.
Any vision you may have, a good thing to ask is this – Is this just simply something that will make me feel personally better? or is it something that when i visualise i can see it being of the benefit of all? will it help me inspire others, to share love with others, to help awaken others?


“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”- Buddha


To be that candle flame that can light thousands more!


When you can surrender yourself entirely to spirit, something begins to move form inside you, something from deep within begins to express itself out, there is a fire of passion, of love, and there is simply doing, your actions stem from consciousness, from love, there is no obstacles here only opportunity, mountains can be moved, or maybe the mountain is there to be climbed to make you all the stronger on your journey, whatever approaches is exactly what you need, or rather what spirit needs.


The spirit of the thing itself reveals itself to you, rushes to your aid and is you all at the same time.


Here is a link to the article i wrote- http://www.lostartofhandbalancing.com/successstories.html
My article is titled- Spirit of Hand balancing
Please check out the other great stories over there and the many great articles by Logan, he is doing some truly inspirational work!


As far as winning the contest goes- I bow humbly to spirit in gratitude
The adventure awaits…..

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