The Fire Within…

It seems that we are all looking , desperately searching for happiness. When we finally have that home, that car, that perfect new relationship, when we can finally be away from ‘here’ , and be ‘somewhere’ else, when we can finally be ‘someone’ else, when we can escape and ‘make a new life’ then we can be happy, then we can have peace.


And true all these external things are all well and good and yes can make us feel happy……for a while.


But here is the thing, any happiness that is based upon external things, based on form, based on a conceptual idea we have of ourselves and our lives will ultimately lead to suffering, why? because all form is temporary, its fleeting, ever changing , only ever relatively true. And its by your resistance to the change of circumstances and forms you suffer, you try to cling so tightly to that thing that brought you happiness, its change now brings sadness.


So whats the point you might ask, how can i find peace and happiness if all things that bring me it will also bring its opposite?


By surrendering, surrendering yourself.


There is a peace and happiness within, it is unconditional, it is pure joy, your natural state, and its found when you can finally put down yourself, when you can throw away all your opinions on what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ and instead just surrendering and seeing the joy inherent and perfection inherent in everything and every one, and here things and people are no longer separate from you. When you throw away all of your ego needs and desires, all your ego’s opinions on what will make you happy and the way your life should go, you stop being an isolated individual in hostile universe and become an expression of something Divine, an expression of spirit . Just hand your entire life over to spirit, let it guide you, let it handle everything, then just stay in the moment. Now a power can act through you that is far beyond any man. The greatest men that ever lived weren’t great because they followed every want and need of the ego, cursing the world for not going their way, but rather, the greatest people had surrendered the ego, they were simply a vessel, an expression of spirit.



‘I am a hole in a flute the Christs breath moves through, listen to this music’ Sufi Master Hafiz



This is the fire within. When you have found that happiness within , that peace within, that complete surrender of you, then a fire can build within and express through you because you are no longer resisting it. Its not something that has been gained, its something that has been lost, The ego has fallen away to reveal what you truly are and always have and always will be, no matter what mask you wear.


The fire within rages with joy and passion, you may be urged to take some action, to walk some path, but the destination isn’t that important anymore, its not that which brings you joy, its the journey, its this moment, any destination is simply part of the expression, its simply a doorway to the next journey, the whys and what fores are beyond our thinking minds ability to understand, they are part of the Divine plan, who are we to judge?


Just relax in the knowledge that spirit is guiding everything, all you need to do is stay present, stay here, now, and as Eckhart Tolle points to us in his book A New Earth-



‘I don’t mind what happens’ – J Krishnamurti



I feel a pointer to handing it all over to spirit and letting a fire from within express without comes in the form of lyrics to song- unlikely place you might think, but truth emanates from everywhere, you just need to be still and you can hear it-



‘Cant stop the spirits when they need you,
This life is more than just a read through’- Red Hot Chillie Peppers


I feel that sums it up perfectly, the spirits do need us, need us to express through, and we only have one life, this life to surrender to spirit, to let go the ego, to rage like a fire and enlighten others, fire spreads, it helps ignite tiny sparks, and they in turn become their own flames.
Lets set the world alight!
The adventure awaits…….
**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

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