Take A Walk Out Your Comfort Zone

I remember a homework exercise I had a few years ago from Brutal Training. It was to take yourself out of your comfort zone, to find unique ways to train and to find that ‘ beginners mind’ again.

As I delved deeper into the world of Capoeira I came to realise one of the most important aspects of it, and life, is rhythm.

I began thinking diverse ways to train my rhythm outside of Capoeira practice itself, the answer was obvious- Dance. Now don’t get me wrong i love to dance, i dance all the time, well i don’t know if you can consider bouncing around screaming at the top of your lungs to Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam all night long dancing, but its fun and moshing has its benefit’s lol. I still love dancing like this, whenever i hear i song i like, wherever it may be, in a shop, who cares? But i f i go out now i throw myself at the dance floor instead of the bar, Ive always liked to dance and it adds to my rhythm training.

Outside the comfort zone-

As well as my usual moshing I immersed myself in all manner of dance, samba, salsa, anything and everything. I even found myself dancing in a Jazz club in Edinburgh, now not that i have anything against Jazz music, but i can vividly recall many conversations with my best friend ending in hilarity because neither of us ‘ understood Jazz music’

As a result of visiting the said Jazz club and dancing the night away, i still don’t understand Jazz music, however i did have to improvise my moshing.

All this put me in a beginners frame of mind when looking at rhythm and movement, and placing me in the perfect learning environment for Capoeira.

Samurai wrote poems and done flower arranging, Spartans sang, all warriors have diverse training, don’t limit your body, mind or spirit, challenge yourself, throw yourself into action, and herein true growth lies

The adventure awaits……..


**This is a republished post from my old site Brutal Training – Europe**

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