The Power Of Love


I thought you were the little lion?? The one who can bring so much pain to workout that can bring any would be warrior to tears in seconds??

What’s all this talk of love??

What does this have to do with training, what does this have to do with being a warrior??

The answer??


For centuries people from all walks of life have tried to conceptualise it, poets, artists, songwriters, warriors, people have given there entire lives in the pursuit of it, have been willing to sacrifice everything to share it with one special person, people for have came up against and passed the most ridiculous odds and challenges in the name of it, battles have been won and lost, souls liberated, any boundaries over come, night turned to day, rain to sun, mountains truly moved because of it, it is the very power that allowed 300 men to stand against a million at Thermopolye, it has filled the seemingly most cowardly mens hearts with courage and instantaneously transformed them into warriors, It is the most powerful thing in the universe, in my opinion it is the universe.

Love cannot ever be described by words , song, art, these can only be fingers pointing to it, it is direct from the heart, it can only be known by the heart, and experienced through living it.

‘From the Beginning,
love has been my undoing….
and my redemption’ – From Socrates Journal

Personally love has been the single most motivating empowering and amazing guide in my life. It has made me devote myself to an ideal, to hold my self true, to open my heart, given me the courage to face the greatest pain, and greatest challenges i have ever known all in the pursuit of it. It has lifted me to the greatest of heights, let me find a strength in my spirit before unknown to me. It has been the single biggest thing that has shaped my life, is my greatest adventure and always will be.

True love cannot be described but it is worth any sacrifice, it allows you to look anything, even death straight in the eye and say ‘for love i can face you’

It allows you to face any fear, gives you the courage to do anything, to endure any amount of pain, it can melt any negative emotion, and it has the power to break ANY barriers.

Love has given me my greatest happiness, my greatest motivation, my greatest desire, my greatest passion, my greatest challenges and my greatest training.

Love is a power of the warrior, a single warriors heart filled with love is more powerful than 10,000 armies, no sword is stronger than a warriors heart that is filled with love.

‘If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world’- Emmet Fox

To walk the path of love requires courage, to open your self, to embrace love, is to remove all the barriers from your heart, to leave it wide open and ungaurded, in this state the human heart is both the strongest and most delicate thing in the world.
Trust in love to guide you through the darkness

‘ill use my heart and not my eyes, to navigate the darkness’ – Hoobstank

To me the very power that fills us all, that the universe is made of, call it what you will, God, Buddha, Universe, Tao, the very thing that cannot be explained, or even understood by the concious mind but rather only felt and experienced through the heart can be summed up with one word, love….

‘I am just a mortal man,
I have no more or no less power inside of me than my brother who stands next to me,
But i, i love with with my entire heart, my entire soul,
And it has made all the difference’ 


**This is a republished blog from my old site Brutal Training – Europe**

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