Behind The Dragon’s Fire

One thing that has become apparent to me time and time again is this- The dreams we have, we never know where they will lead us, but we have to follow them with all our passion, all our intent, no matter how difficult the road may seem, how slim our chances may appear, no matter how much anyone else tells you you cant do it, or its impossible, just follow them.
When you have a dream of any sort, or many- I know I have heaps! One that when you think about you feel tremendous joy and passion flowing through your body, when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, when you have a moment of insight ‘knowing’ this is what you should do, when you feel Love, for whatever it may be, maybe its an extension of something you already do, that makes you feel so much joy, a sport you play, a subject you study, a person who’s company makes you happy, whatever it is, you must trust it and follow it.
But we never know where following will lead us, you may very well manifest your dream into your physical experience, and enjoy every bit of it, or its manifestation may very well lead you on to another dream, all in a gradual flowering and evolving of your being, or maybe you don’t even go all the way to the end of your dream, maybe the pursuit of it leads you to something else that feels even more joyous that you may never had realized had you not had the initial courage to follow your dreams. There is no end really, no beginning either, just following your passions and love, wherever they lead.
As I look back over the experience I’ve had in this lifetime, it simply amazes me where following my passions and dreams has led me, many have been pursued until the seeming end vision burning in my mind has manifested, only to grow and evolve even more, limitation fallen away and boundaries shattered, some the pursuit of with all my passion and intent have led me to other dreams that i was not able to see before, whatever your dreams are, they are simply to be enjoyed for however long they last, through all their own evolution. They wont ever deliver you happiness, they are an expression of the happiness that you already are. The unfolding of your being and its mission here now, in this time, in this body.
But maybe in the very same instance you envision your dreams and a shiver of excitement runs down your spine, and a fire fills you within, in that same instance your mind filled with doubts creeps in. You start thinking how will you ever manage to do that, you cant see a way and think it impossible, your mind will offer you a million and one reasons why you cant, a million and one reasons why you are not good enough, why you are not worthy, why its impossible. Impossible is nothing and the very fact that you are here, right now, in this body means you are good enough, means you are worthy, its every single being in this universes birth right to feel joy , happiness and love.
Do not turn your mind to how something will be achieved, just focus your thoughts, your intent, your passion on your dreams, believe in them, trust them, and do whatever action is necessary in this moment, that may very well be doing nothing. Trust them , you do not know where they will lead.
You don’t need other peoples support and belief in you either, even if every single person in the world told it was impossible, it matters not, you don’t need other peoples support, you don’t need other peoples approval, you are not living your life for anyone else, you only need your own dreams, the courage and passion to follow them and your own belief in them. Maybe your fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who encourage you to follow your dreams and who give you the greatest gift by seeing you as the unlimited being that you are. And even if you don’t right now, trust in your dreams enough and you will soon find yourself surrounded by these people. I consider myself to be lucky i have a handful of true friends in my life, they type that you tell you want to be Tarzan and go and live in the jungle, and they don’t tell you you are a lunatic, they come with you to the airport.
Is it really just luck?
Or the fact that I’ve always followed my dreams no matter what that these people are in my life?
Maybe its the things we fear most that conceal our greatest of dreams, Maybe its the sport you want to play at the highest level, but your doubts tell you aren’t strong enough , or fast enough, maybe its the music or art you want to create, but your doubts tell you you aren’t talented enough, or you don’t have enough creative spark, maybe its the person that you feel a connection with, or that you really like, or maybe someone you already love, but your doubts tell you they could never feel the same way, maybe its the world you want to travel, but your doubts tell you you will never have the funds to do it. Maybe its all these doubts all these fears that are stopping you becoming the next champion, creating the most beautiful piece of art or music the world has seen, stopping you asking that girl or guy out, or telling someone how you feel, or getting on that plane or pirate ship. Maybe its all those fears and doubts that are stopping you realizing your own true dreams. Maybe its all those fears and doubts that are preventing you from living your own life’s purpose. Maybe its all those fears and doubts that are standing in your way of being an inspiration to countless people who’s hearts you will touch by being true to yourself. Maybe its all those fears and doubts and not lack of skill, lack of potential, lack of gifts or talents or love that aren’t allowing you to shine like the stars you are made from!
And maybe its those things masked by the greatest fear you need to follow the most
Our deepest fears are like Dragons
Guarding our deepest treasure- Rainer Maria Rilke
The Adventure awaits………
This is a republished post from my old site Brutal Training – Europe

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