Howl Of Love

‘If you find out what it is you love to do and give your whole life to it, then there is no contradiction, and in that state your being is your doing.’- Jiddu Krishnamurti
As someone with many passions in life, something that has arisen more than once for me and for others Ive spoken to who are also people of many passions is this- What one of my passions, when I am not attached to anything yet can see the beauty and potential in everything, then which one do I follow? Which one do I immerse myself in? Which one do I dedicate my entirety to?


Someone very wise once said to me that – ‘People become very good, become masters at doing one simple thing, and we call them great’


For a long time I asked what my one thing may be, what is I’m supposed to do , when there is so much I love?


In Reality it matters not whether in my lifetime I become a circus acrobat, a writer, a teacher, a Shaman, a musician or a tattoo artist, for they are all equal in Reality, no thing, no experience is any better or worse than any other, no life any greater, there is no lifetime, no birth, no death, for there is no coming or going, no separation, no I, there simply is. Everything, every thought, every experience, every life is just that Reality, that Oneness, Universe, God and Goddess experiencing itself through you. Or in other words- Its Reality experiencing itself through Reality.


The question then is not, what is it I choose to do with my lifetime, it is what is choosing me?
This is what speaks through our hearts, its not a case of what you think you should do, or what anyone else thinks you should do, its about when your fully open, fully expressing, what does your heart guide you to do? It is following whatever it is that you love with every ounce of yourself, it is following what you love like one single racing towards a target, you are the shooter, the arrow and the target. It is trusting completely in that which you cannot see or name. It is letting go of ‘you’ , a complete expression.


But still what if there are many things you love , how do you choose?
You don’t have to.


By following what you love, by doing what’s in your heart, what’s most important to you, things have a tendency to align and adjust themselves, some things may drop away from your experience, others may appear, whatever it you do is evolving through you. By letting whatever falls away and whatever arises naturally requires true honesty with oneself, it requires non attachment, non clinging, non judgement and no resistance, it requires complete surrender, and that is complete strength.


I grew up first and foremost training in the martial arts, as what I do has evolved through me I found my love and passion for my martial arts training evolving and changing over the years towards circus performance, towards displays of freak strength and flexibility. This to me was a natural progressions that came simply from listening to and following my heart, no agonising decision was ever required. Now in my training I don’t practice martial arts, handstands and splits have become my art, my expression, not for any lack of love, passion or inspiration from the martial arts, but form simply allowing whatever wants to express through me free.
Everything evolves……and yet no-thing changes.
It’s a matter of doing whatever it is you love, until what your supposed to do finds you.


Courage and brutal honest are needed at every moment, its easy to mistake instant gratification for your hearts desire if you are asleep, you have to be fully alert, fully alive, listening to the silence.
Going to a party on a Saturday night with free food and free drink sounds at first a hell of a lot more appealing than doing dead lifts outside in the pissing rain, but then , as I find myself warming up and heading outside to face the iron its clear to me what I truly want, what is truly expressing through me,


What is it that wants to express through you?
Truly listen……


As i look look now to the night moon, as the thunder of love bangs in my heart and courses through my veins, it fills my lungs and a mighty howl passes from my lips, i know now why i howl, the moon and i, the moon and the wolf, we are one. This is love.


The Adventure awaits…..
**This is a post from my old site Brutal Training Europe**

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