The Perfection In All Things (The Rabbit Hole)

Allow me to stretch your mind a bit with this next statement-


Every single thing that happens in your life, that is, is perfection, perfection is all that exists!


Bold statement you may be thinking, lets go deeper………


From the limited perspective of the world both from our physical senses and from our ego, we perceive things to be either good or bad, from our ego we cannot see the whole picture only what we perceive from this limited view. Looking from this view it tends to reflect our mind set at the time, what we see around us is a mirror to ourselves, or rather our limited opinions on things.


If you got laid off from your job for instance, you may term that situation bad, it may bring up negative thoughts and emotions all stemming from the egos innate fear of death and destruction.


But if you can step beyond your ego, if you can lay down opinion and personal prejudice, to simply be aware without mentally labelling, from here you can see the perfection, maybe getting laid off is exactly was you need, maybe this seemingly bad event will lead you now to pursue your dreams, or maybe it will make you reflect upon and learn from an error you made- all perfection! The universe is seeking to express its own perfection through you, who are you to judge good or bad? Let go of judgement, let go of opinion, simply trust that every single thing that happens in your life is for a reason, its guiding you to your higher good, if you silence your thinking mind, the what for and how will become apparent, they will act through you! Let go of fear, FEAR NOTHING! embrace everything! its all perfection unfolding!


This doesn’t mean you don’t or cant take action in situations, but it does mean you action comes forth from a deeper level instead of from fear and resistance.


When you begin to trust that there is something deep within you that is guiding you to exactly where you need to be, that is expressing itself through you, when you can become still, let go of ego, listed to that intuition streaming forth from within, you will be guided, and will experience only perfection.


What about error, both on a personal level and on a global scale (wars) what about being bound by ego mind- all perfection! Errors and mistakes we make both individually and as humanity serve as something to learn from to reflect upon and grow from, to awaken us further, if we don’t learn from them this time we will keep repeating them until we finally do, pain can be a great catalyst to awakening! The pain of living under the control of a dualistic ego mind, existing as a separate isolated fragment alone and floating about the universe can also eventually become too great and cause us to let go of ego, for our souls to break free. Death to the ego is birth to the spirit!


If we don’t free ourselves from ego in this lifetime, the event of physical death will bring it about, and for a time again you will be one with the source, until the next incarnation, where again the chance for conscious realization of oneness will be waiting.


But we have a choice, its right here , its right now…………..


‘They are all perfect’- Katsumoto


‘The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.’ – Oscar Wilde


The Adventure awaits…….
**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

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