The Red Giant

One of my best friends has always described me as ‘A red giant’ to him, I embody the star known as a Red Giant. A Red Giant is defined as follows-

Because it has run out of fuel, the star begins to cool, and contract. The outer layers of the star fall inwards under gravity, and as they fall they heat up. A shell surrounding the central core becomes hot enough to fuse protons into alphas. So the star gains a new source of energy. The core of the star is now hotter than it was during its normal life and this heat causes the outer parts of the star to swell. The star becomes a giant.

I feel honored to be thought of in that way, but it is my belief that there is Red Giant in all of us!

You see what the above description, what the nature of a Red Giant means to me is this-

No matter whats happening on the surface of your life, there is an energy within you, a force with all the power and wonder of the universe, it will grow and expand, it will give you everything you ever need, it will sustain you, expand you, if you let it, it will flow into every surface of your life, your life will grow and expand, that inextinguishable energy from within will glow and radiate through you, you will become a giant.

This power within is always there, even in your darkest hour, the power of the universe is dwelling within, ready to guide you, to shape you, to let you become what you are destined to, it is your own true nature, it is ready to answer your call if but you ask it, and allow it

Call this power whatever you will, God, Love, Subconscious mind, Universe, it is of no matter, all that matters is you connect with it, define it however you may, because at the end of the day, it is that which cannot be defined!

There have been many times in my life when my biggest goals, my mightiest dreams, my innermost desires, have seemed impossible, friends family and loved ones who in only trying to look out for my best interests and well being from their perspective have urged me to quit, to give up, to let go of my dreams, as they are impossible, they may even appear to others as being pulled further away from me, for the road to seemingly become even more impossible, more dangerous. But I have never quit on a dream in my life, once i have listened to my heart, to have chosen to follow it on whatever path it is leading, when that dream flows through my very being i will never quit, no matter how bad it looks, no matter how hard it gets. Because there is something inside that sustains me, that can guide me through the dark forest , even if my mind falls to darkness and doubts, my heart thunders with the light, it wont ever let me quit, not as long as I’m connected to this great power- and you can never be separate from it, it IS YOU!, Just break down the barriers of fear that bind you, and its there. It is the opposite and the cure for fear, but it is beyond hope, it is FAITH, pure faith in the unknown. And with it, my dreams have manifest. Maybe this is why my friend believes i embody the Red Giant.

You don’t need to know HOW your dreams will manifest, some of the biggest adventures i have faced in my life i had no clue HOW i was gonna do it, in fact if i stopped to look at the how, all seemed lost, but i Just KNEW I was gonna do it, i had my vision, and absolute Faith.

Do you think the sun knows the exact universal process that goes inside of itself to become a Red Giant, no these are beyond the suns conception, they are of the universe, the sun however has this- absolute unwavering faith, faith in the unknown, in its vision, A VISION, OF A GIANT!

The Adventure Awaits……..

Live it, Love it


**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

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