Warrior Spirit

Combat has nothing to do with fighting your opponent, to fight an enemy is to give him strength.

It has EVERYTHING to do with facing yourself.

It’s nothing to do with beating some other guy to a pulp, its do do with looking inside yourself to face your own fears, to dis identify from mind, from illusion and from fear. In combat or any other sport, or life situation.

In fact, in any and every moment you must cut away from the ghost of the past, cut away from the illusion of future, and just be fully present in THIS moment.

It is here we find our inner peace, our unmovable stillness, we become the calm within the storm, we take whatever action is necessary without fear, and without judgement, our actions spring forth from the absolute.

This is our warrior spirit.

This is what all warrior seek, and ARE!

Combat is just one of the many ways in which these lessons are realised, when your opponent stands before you, you have no option BUT to be in the moment, to relinquish fear, otherwise you will die a thousand deaths.

The man standing before you is not your enemy, but your greatest teacher

‘The man who conquers himself is superior to the one who conquers a thousand men in battle’- Buddha

The adventure awaits……..

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