Visions of Tarzan

Visualisation is an extremely powerful tool that we have to create our own destinies and shape our own lives. Daily i use visualisations to for all aspects of my life, and what i want to create, i realise i am the creator of my own universe, i am unlimited and undefinable, so are YOU!

Daily I focus on increased strength, health, vitality, energy, i focus on my inner energy field pulsating with power, every muscle exploding with strength and carved out of marble, my body moving with the agility, grace and speed of a big cat, my spirit shining through, i feel like a force of nature, shining like the sun, with the power and stillness of the ocean, i envision myself as TARZAN….

But you cant just picture it and wish you could be what you desire, you have to feel it…you have to become it…

Before I enter these meditations i free myself from identification with the ego mind, i am not and neither are you, your past, your beliefs, your problems, or ANY of your life situation. We are all something far greater than can be spoken about, we are the infinite unlimited consciousness, we are the universe, god manifested, we are the creators, the immortal spirit, this is our true natures, This is being. To experience this you must free yourself from ego mind, let go of everything you THINK you are and FEEL what you truly are let go of past and future and be present here, now, only now do you hold the power of creation. You can create ANYTHING you want there are no limits in this universe, limits are only in mind, see and more importantly FEEL yourself as that which you desire, not in some future time, that is an illusion, but right here, right now, feel it, become it, where you stand. You don’t need to know how, that will take care of itself. Just see, feel and believe to be that which you desire, give gratitude for ALREADY having it, and release your wish to the universe, which is in turn, your own true nature. You are free, there are no limits.

‘ Spirit, by its nature, has no consciousness of duality, since it has no faculty of discrimination. It knows no impossible, no failure, no obstacle, or limit. or lack.’- John McDonald

The adventure awaits……


**This is a republished post from my previous blog Brutal Training – Europe**

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