That Which Does Not Kill Us

Life can throw many situations and challenges in our own paths to greatness, you can view these either as a problems and get depressed about them and let them consume and defeat you, or you can find some spirit, look at them as a challenge, an opportunity to grow and forge an even greater spirit from it.

You cannot control what life throws your way, you cannot control that hurricane that hits, that storm that devastates what you can control however is your response. You can feel sorry for yourself, ask questions like ‘why me?’ and if you ask such questions you will find answers, even if they are bullshit.

Or you can see the situation look at it and say ‘ how can i turn this around?’ ‘how can i grow from this’ and again if you ask these questions you will receive the answers.

The universe doesn’t care whether or not you ask a positive or negative question, or think a positive or negative thought, it doest differentiate, it just gives you the answers you seek, gives you the why, the how.

That’s why depressed people stay depressed, they continually ask themselves questions like ‘why am i so miserable?’ ‘why am i so depressed’ ‘ this is terrible I’m never going to be able to turn this around’ and inevitably by asking these questions they will get answers to these questions.

But if you veil problems or situations as challenges, something to grow from, to learn from, something you can turn around and make better, if you view them as training to discover your own spirit ,your own strength, then these obstacles become stepping stones to your dreams.
If you think you are beaten you are!

‘we will either find a way, or we will make one’ – Hannibal

Ultimately, unwanted situations will happen in your life, you cannot control the actions of others, or the events of nature, you can however choose to respond positively, use the situation to grow and learn, use it as a stepping stone, and use it to strengthen your spirit. You may get knocked down, you may fail thousands of times, but one thing you can never do is give up, there is always a way, impossible is nothing, as long as you believe.

‘Its never over. Never stop fighting. Never give up. Never surrender. No matter how bad it gets no matter how deep your pain: persistence, faith in yourself and an unfaltering spirit will eventually break you free’ Dan Jansen

Everything happens for a reason, what you see as a problem in your life, on your path is brought to you to teach you something so that you can better travel your path, something that seems a big hurdle on any path, will make you stronger to walk that path.
The biggest battles we fight, the hardest mountains we climb, are definitely ones of the spiritual kind. These battles make any tough physical training vomit inducing session seem like a walk in the park, to look inside your self, to come face to face with your own fears, to choose to fly instead of fall in the face of challenges is to show true spirit. Let your emotions flow and let them go.

All challenges can be overcome.

I like Dan Millman’s take on this-

We are all peaceful warriors, because the battles we fight are on the inside.

It’s all training.

When challenges come your way, see them as a time to learn, to learn about yourself, learn how to improve, how to grow, and in the process you will uncover spirit you never thought you had, and then shine, like a great star, like a dragons fire ball.

Nothing is impossible to overcome, when you think all is lost, look inside of your self, into your heart, find the courage, the will, the love to fight on.

Stumbling blocks to stepping stones.

‘A warrior doesn’t give up what he loves,
he finds the love in what he does’- Socrates

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