We all know that sometimes we let outside circumstances kill our motivation not only for our training but for everything in our lives, we can get trapped in downward spiral of negative energy and it can seem there is no way out….but there is.

Motivation can be affected in either positive or negative ways through outside circumstances, if we let it, but I’ve discovered that motivation is born from within and every single person has it, its up to us to find it and nurture it.

Sometimes you might feel like life has given you a severe kick in the nuts, you feel down, all your thoughts are negative, all your dreams washed away, so how then can you find this motivation?

You look! you look inside yourself for a tiny spark, a tiny fire that always burns in you, we are each blessed with motivation to pursue whatever it is we want to do or are intended to do.

You may have to look hard and deep, and it may only be a tiny spark but once you find it, its time to nurture it, give it oxygen let it turn into a tiny fire burning bright, then let it blaze, let it burn within you, feed it from inside of yourself, feed it positive energy and block all negative energy from getting to it.

Use outside methods to nurture this fire of motivation, it could come from a song, a quote, an affirmation, a book, a person, a movie, a love- the important thing is whatever it is that feeds it, give it, and give it lots, throw yourself into the fires of action.

Inside you have to believe, you have to have faith in the motivation, in that passion, in that fire, you have to decide to follow it with all your heart, it might seem like it has been extinguished sometimes, but you must look deep, find the spark and nurture it. Give it all your heart and never give up. Envision yourself doing whatever it is you want to be doing once more, see your success, feel it with every part of you, and the universe will answer your call.

Stop all negative emotions at the door, do let fear, self doubt, worry, or belief in failure creep in these negative emotions will only attract negative happenings as will positive attract positive.

So if you feel your motivation is dying, you feel down, you need to look within, find that tiny spark and feed it, feed it full of belief of positive energy and watch it grow once more, its in us all!!

‘All that we are,is the result of what we have thought’ -Buddha

Think positive!!!!!

Motivation lies within, its up to you to find it!


**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

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