The Red Giant

One of my best friends has always described me as ‘A red giant’ to him, I embody the star known as a Red Giant. A Red Giant is defined as follows-

Because it has run out of fuel, the star begins to cool, and contract. The outer layers of the star fall inwards under gravity, and as they fall they heat up. A shell surrounding the central core becomes hot enough to fuse protons into alphas. So the star gains a new source of energy. The core of the star is now hotter than it was during its normal life and this heat causes the outer parts of the star to swell. The star becomes a giant.

I feel honored to be thought of in that way, but it is my belief that there is Red Giant in all of us!

You see what the above description, what the nature of a Red Giant means to me is this-

No matter whats happening on the surface of your life, there is an energy within you, a force with all the power and wonder of the universe, it will grow and expand, it will give you everything you ever need, it will sustain you, expand you, if you let it, it will flow into every surface of your life, your life will grow and expand, that inextinguishable energy from within will glow and radiate through you, you will become a giant.

This power within is always there, even in your darkest hour, the power of the universe is dwelling within, ready to guide you, to shape you, to let you become what you are destined to, it is your own true nature, it is ready to answer your call if but you ask it, and allow it

Call this power whatever you will, God, Love, Subconscious mind, Universe, it is of no matter, all that matters is you connect with it, define it however you may, because at the end of the day, it is that which cannot be defined!

There have been many times in my life when my biggest goals, my mightiest dreams, my innermost desires, have seemed impossible, friends family and loved ones who in only trying to look out for my best interests and well being from their perspective have urged me to quit, to give up, to let go of my dreams, as they are impossible, they may even appear to others as being pulled further away from me, for the road to seemingly become even more impossible, more dangerous. But I have never quit on a dream in my life, once i have listened to my heart, to have chosen to follow it on whatever path it is leading, when that dream flows through my very being i will never quit, no matter how bad it looks, no matter how hard it gets. Because there is something inside that sustains me, that can guide me through the dark forest , even if my mind falls to darkness and doubts, my heart thunders with the light, it wont ever let me quit, not as long as I’m connected to this great power- and you can never be separate from it, it IS YOU!, Just break down the barriers of fear that bind you, and its there. It is the opposite and the cure for fear, but it is beyond hope, it is FAITH, pure faith in the unknown. And with it, my dreams have manifest. Maybe this is why my friend believes i embody the Red Giant.

You don’t need to know HOW your dreams will manifest, some of the biggest adventures i have faced in my life i had no clue HOW i was gonna do it, in fact if i stopped to look at the how, all seemed lost, but i Just KNEW I was gonna do it, i had my vision, and absolute Faith.

Do you think the sun knows the exact universal process that goes inside of itself to become a Red Giant, no these are beyond the suns conception, they are of the universe, the sun however has this- absolute unwavering faith, faith in the unknown, in its vision, A VISION, OF A GIANT!

The Adventure Awaits……..

Live it, Love it


**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

The Perfection In All Things (The Rabbit Hole)

Allow me to stretch your mind a bit with this next statement-


Every single thing that happens in your life, that is, is perfection, perfection is all that exists!


Bold statement you may be thinking, lets go deeper………


From the limited perspective of the world both from our physical senses and from our ego, we perceive things to be either good or bad, from our ego we cannot see the whole picture only what we perceive from this limited view. Looking from this view it tends to reflect our mind set at the time, what we see around us is a mirror to ourselves, or rather our limited opinions on things.


If you got laid off from your job for instance, you may term that situation bad, it may bring up negative thoughts and emotions all stemming from the egos innate fear of death and destruction.


But if you can step beyond your ego, if you can lay down opinion and personal prejudice, to simply be aware without mentally labelling, from here you can see the perfection, maybe getting laid off is exactly was you need, maybe this seemingly bad event will lead you now to pursue your dreams, or maybe it will make you reflect upon and learn from an error you made- all perfection! The universe is seeking to express its own perfection through you, who are you to judge good or bad? Let go of judgement, let go of opinion, simply trust that every single thing that happens in your life is for a reason, its guiding you to your higher good, if you silence your thinking mind, the what for and how will become apparent, they will act through you! Let go of fear, FEAR NOTHING! embrace everything! its all perfection unfolding!


This doesn’t mean you don’t or cant take action in situations, but it does mean you action comes forth from a deeper level instead of from fear and resistance.


When you begin to trust that there is something deep within you that is guiding you to exactly where you need to be, that is expressing itself through you, when you can become still, let go of ego, listed to that intuition streaming forth from within, you will be guided, and will experience only perfection.


What about error, both on a personal level and on a global scale (wars) what about being bound by ego mind- all perfection! Errors and mistakes we make both individually and as humanity serve as something to learn from to reflect upon and grow from, to awaken us further, if we don’t learn from them this time we will keep repeating them until we finally do, pain can be a great catalyst to awakening! The pain of living under the control of a dualistic ego mind, existing as a separate isolated fragment alone and floating about the universe can also eventually become too great and cause us to let go of ego, for our souls to break free. Death to the ego is birth to the spirit!


If we don’t free ourselves from ego in this lifetime, the event of physical death will bring it about, and for a time again you will be one with the source, until the next incarnation, where again the chance for conscious realization of oneness will be waiting.


But we have a choice, its right here , its right now…………..


‘They are all perfect’- Katsumoto


‘The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.’ – Oscar Wilde


The Adventure awaits…….
**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

Flight of Icarus

The flight of Icarus is such an inspiring story to me, and like any good story there are many meanings, interpretations, and truth that can be derived from it, id like to share with you some of the truths that the story illustrates to me.


For those unfamiliar with the story of Icarus here it is-



The Fall of Icarus as told by Thomas Bulfinch:
“Daedalus built the labyrinth for 
King Minos, but afterwards lost the favour of the king, and was shut up in a tower. He contrived to make his escape from his prison, but could not leave the island by sea, as the king kept strict watch on all the vessels, and permitted none to sail without being carefully searched. “Minos may control the land and sea,” said Daedalus, “but not the regions of the air. I will try that way.” So he set to work to fabricate wings for himself and his young son Icarus. He wrought feathers together, beginning with the smallest and adding larger, so as to form an increasing surface. The larger ones he secured with thread and the smaller with wax, and gave the whole a gentle curvature like the wings of a bird. Icarus, the boy, stood and looked on, sometimes running to gather up the feathers which the wind had blown away, and then handling the wax and working it over with his fingers, by his play impeding his father in his labours. When at last the work was done, the artist, waving his wings, found himself buoyed upward, and hung suspended, poising himself on the beaten air. He next equipped his son in the same manner and taught him how to fly, as a bird tempts her young ones from the lofty nest into the air. When all was prepared for flight he said, “Icarus, my son, I charge you to keep at a moderate height, for if you fly too low the damp will clog your wings, and if too high the heat will melt them. Keep near me and you will be safe.” While he gave him these instructions and fitted the wings to his shoulders, the face of the father was wet with tears, and his hands trembled. He kissed the boy, not knowing that it was for the last time. Then rising on his wings, he flew off, encouraging him to follow, and looked back from his own flight to see how his son managed his wings. As they flew the ploughman stopped his work to gaze, and the shepherd leaned on his staff and watched them, astonished at the sight, and thinking they were gods who could thus cleave the air.
They passed Samos and 
Delos on the left and Lebynthos on the right, when the boy, exulting in his career, began to leave the guidance of his companion and soar upward as if to reach heaven. The nearness of the blazing sun softened the wax which held the feathers together, and they came off. He fluttered with his arms, but no feathers remained to hold the air. While his mouth uttered cries to his father it was submerged in the blue waters of the sea which thenceforth was called by his name. His father cried, “Icarus, Icarus, where are you?” At last he saw the feathers floating on the water, and bitterly lamenting his own arts, he buried the body and called the land Icaria in memory of his child. Daedalus arrived safe in Sicily, where he built a temple to Apollo, and hung up his wings, an offering to the god.”


The first truth this story reveals to me is something I’ve spoken much about on this blog already, and that is , staying in the moment and being present. We all have goals, dreams and ambitions, and when these are born from something deeper than you, i believe we should follow them with all our passion, all our love, all our spirit. But the ego can also take over, it can begin to define itself and seek salvation by the achievement of any goal or manifestation of a material possession, it seeks its happiness there and there only, the present moment is reduced to a means to an end at best, and therefor losses all of its magic and beauty. When you are identified with the ego, you believe it to be you, you become someone who is going to ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ sometime in the future and cant be happy now, in the present moment. If you are seeking happiness in some future time, or future event, if you are seeking happiness outside this present moment, you will always be seeking, you may achieve what you want only to feel disillusion and again start seeking again. And there is nothing that you can ever achieve on the material plane that can come even close to defining what you truly are. When you are happy right here , right now, for no reason other than just being, it is here you can see the true beauty of this moment, the true adventure of life. And it is here that your goals and dreams will be born not of this world but of something much deeper, they do not stem form ego needing or wanting, you don’t need them to feel a sense of completeness, you are complete, now that something deeper is expressing through you!


As Eckhart Tolle states in his awesome book, A New Earth- Inspiration means- in spirit


and enthusiasm comes from the ancient Greek word, enthousiazein, which means ‘ to be possessed by god’


Let your dreams flow from inspiration and from intuition.


Maybe if Icarus could have kept present kept in the moment and enjoyed the beauty of the flight, he wouldn’t have flew to close to the sun.


My next point is maybe at first a seeming paradox, like all truths, but when you feel it, instead of think about it, it is apparent they are one and the same. And that is, living a half life. Never recognising your dreams and going for them no matter what the cost, never willing to say ‘fuck it’ and giving something everything you have got, bound by fear of failure and death, if you never give something your whole effort then its OK if you fail because you weren’t trying your hardest anyway, its a defense mechanism, the good old ego rearing its ugly head once more, terrified of annihilation, and the result is- this life, this adventure is only half lived


If you fear failure, if you fear death, then you will never begin to live. If you are following your dreams you will probably at some point meet failure, and you will certainly meet death ( or our misinterpretation there of) so you might as well see that as an adventure anyway. If you can look to failure as a stepping stone, as a way to teach you how to succeed, you will realise the illusion of failure. You must simply hold the faith that everything that happens is leading on the best route, refuse to judge any situation, see the perfection.


Whatever it is that is trying to express through you, allow it completely , let it guide you and move you, let it burn within you, let your passion become a raging fire inside, let it take form and take shape through you, have no fear, there is nothing bad that ever happen to. No matter how many times you may fall down on your quest, let your passion pick you back up, just one more time, and proceed- this is warrior spirit!


Despite his fathers warning and probably his own knowledge of his death Icarus was still moved to fly higher, to soar, and maybe for that moment however brief of flying to close to the sun, it was worth it all.


‘ In a sky full of people only some want to fly isn’t that crazy’- Seal


Click on this link to watch the Cirque du Soleil amazing version of The Flight of Icarus


The artist is Anton Chelnokov


The Adventure Awaits……….


**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

Reaching Out To Embrace What Comes

We can often times try to resist and fight the present moment of our lives creating inner and outer conflict with what is
whatever you resist, persists

How much sense does is make to resist what is already in this moment? Do you curse the rain for falling? Or the sun for shining?

You have two choices , you can either resist and fight against what is, therefor giving it energy, or you can turn it into your friend, you can see it as perfection unfolding, a perfect plan.

We all have desires, and i believe when these desires are not born of the ego , not coming from a place of wanting or needing, or some idea that the realization of that desire will make you happy, make you at peace, make your life fulfilled, but rather when it is born form a place of peace and happiness, a stillness within, that this is now the universe expressing through you!

So what if you have an intuitive desire, something expressing through you, seeking life through you, something that feels so right and things and events that happen in your life seem to be in the way, or even the opposite of that dream?

This is where you must step put from your ego minds limited perception of ‘how’ you should walk this journey, you must have faith that every single thing that happens in your life is leading you in the direction of your dreams, everything happens for a reason. If you are so blinded by your own resistance to this moment, this now then you will never see the perfection in it, if you flow with the moment the right action to take will be apparent in every moment.

Non resistance is not about indifference, its about not resisting to what is, so that you can see the perfection in it.

Don’t treat the moment like a means to an end, how many of us limit ourselves?- ‘I cant fully embrace this moment because of something that happened in the past, or something that i think is going to happen in the future, or – this moment isn’t really important, its just a step until i get to do this, or do that, or go there, so i wont bother giving it any attention, and i wont be happy till i get to my destination’

For how many is this our internal dialogue? Watch it, become aware of this negative self script you are living.

Let go of it all, yes you may have a dream or goal that is expressing through you and you are headed, but the most important part is this moment. The journey is more important that the destination, its both the means and the end.

‘There are no ordinary moments’- Dan Millman

There’s beauty and magic in every one, there is never nothing happening, all you have to do is pay attention.

Ill leave you with the story of Zen Master Hakuin-

IS THAT SO? The Zen master Hakuin was praised by his neighbours as one living a pure life.
A beautiful Japanese girl whose parents owned a food store lived near him. Suddenly, without any warning, her parents discovered she was with child.
This made her parents angry. She would not confess who the man was, but after much harassment at last named Hakuin.
In great anger the parent went to the master. “Is that so?” was all he would say.
After the child was born it was brought to Hakuin. By this time he had lost his reputation, which did not trouble him, but he took very good care of the child. He obtained milk from his neighbours and everything else he needed.
A year later the girl-mother could stand it no longer. She told her parents the truth – the real father of the child was a young man who worked in the fishmarket.
The mother and father of the girl at once went to Hakuin to ask forgiveness, to apologize at length, and to get the child back.
Hakuin was willing. In yielding the child, all he said was: “Is that so?”

Is that so
The adventure awaits……..

Samurai Warrior

The word Samurai means ‘to serve’. I feel that modern day warriors just like these great warriors of old as they begin to cut away at the ego, cutting away at everything that holds them back from this moment, all begin ask- how can i serve?


I feel the best way to serve others, is to first become the best you that you can be, how do you expect to inspire an other and lead them to the peace and happiness within if you are miserable yourself? How do you expect to love another fully if you cant first love yourself- your true self?


Service to others is not about being a Martyr, if you go around with the attitude that you do so much for everyone, you are so self sacrificing but you get nothing in return, this isn’t being selfless, this isn’t service, this is just simply more ego coming in a clever guise, you are playing the role of the selfless ,self sacrificing you, and therefor aren’t giving the world your true best, your true you.


Service to others is about giving the world your best!



So how do you go about that? You may be conscious enough to feel a desire burning within you, and you may be able to envision how walking the path of that desire can inspire and light a path for so many others, you may be able to look beyond yourself enough to realize that by you becoming the best you can at whatever it is you do, by becoming your own master you can better serve as a guiding light to others, by letting the universe express through you, you can become a vehicle to awaken others-


“Out of every 100 men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” – Heraclitus



But what if you aren’t conscious enough to look from that broader perspective? Even if you are i feel it can be summed up in three words- FOLLOW YOU BLISS. The universe is trying to express through us, theres a bigger picture unfolding that we cannot even begin to imagine- and it speaks to us through our intuition.


Dan Millman in his book No Ordinary Moments, explains that he began gymnastics to make him more attractive to the opposite sex, he did not have a clue the road and path that choice would set him on and how it would go on to let him inspire millions of people all over the world.


When i began training it was more an intuitive feeling, natural, something that ‘just felt right’ I had no idea it would lead me to now, lead me to writing for Brutal and for sharing my own evolution with the readers of this blog, and i have no idea where this path with continue to lead me, but i do know this- I am very grateful to be observing all of this unfolding.



The realization of true love or oneness with all people and things lends itself naturally to service, it may be something as simple as a smile to a passing stranger- it can change the world!


Our relationships are the ultimate spiritual training ground when it comes to both being true to yourself and to be selfless, I’m not talking about buying someone gifts, or doing something to make someone smile, although that can indeed be an expression of it, I’m talking about truly being present with someone, not playing a role, but just being there in the moment fully- no mental commentary- just there, still- this is the blossoming ground for true love.


Can you throw away your notion of another person needing to ‘give you’ anything?



The Dali Lama is said to have a vision of a world where we work as one, in unity, not separated by race, colour ,creed, where men an women of all professions of all backgrounds, all work together for the betterment of the world, a world not of competition of individual or collective ego’s competing, but instead a oneness, creating.


It is my hope that in my lifetime i help in the realization of that vision, in whatever way expresses through me.


Go beyond imagining enlightened individual, imagine an enlightened world


We don’t need to change our lives- although changes will occur- we don’t need to change the world, we simply need to awaken.



This is the path of the Samurai warrior



The adventure awaits……
**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

The Fire Within…

It seems that we are all looking , desperately searching for happiness. When we finally have that home, that car, that perfect new relationship, when we can finally be away from ‘here’ , and be ‘somewhere’ else, when we can finally be ‘someone’ else, when we can escape and ‘make a new life’ then we can be happy, then we can have peace.


And true all these external things are all well and good and yes can make us feel happy……for a while.


But here is the thing, any happiness that is based upon external things, based on form, based on a conceptual idea we have of ourselves and our lives will ultimately lead to suffering, why? because all form is temporary, its fleeting, ever changing , only ever relatively true. And its by your resistance to the change of circumstances and forms you suffer, you try to cling so tightly to that thing that brought you happiness, its change now brings sadness.


So whats the point you might ask, how can i find peace and happiness if all things that bring me it will also bring its opposite?


By surrendering, surrendering yourself.


There is a peace and happiness within, it is unconditional, it is pure joy, your natural state, and its found when you can finally put down yourself, when you can throw away all your opinions on what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ and instead just surrendering and seeing the joy inherent and perfection inherent in everything and every one, and here things and people are no longer separate from you. When you throw away all of your ego needs and desires, all your ego’s opinions on what will make you happy and the way your life should go, you stop being an isolated individual in hostile universe and become an expression of something Divine, an expression of spirit . Just hand your entire life over to spirit, let it guide you, let it handle everything, then just stay in the moment. Now a power can act through you that is far beyond any man. The greatest men that ever lived weren’t great because they followed every want and need of the ego, cursing the world for not going their way, but rather, the greatest people had surrendered the ego, they were simply a vessel, an expression of spirit.



‘I am a hole in a flute the Christs breath moves through, listen to this music’ Sufi Master Hafiz



This is the fire within. When you have found that happiness within , that peace within, that complete surrender of you, then a fire can build within and express through you because you are no longer resisting it. Its not something that has been gained, its something that has been lost, The ego has fallen away to reveal what you truly are and always have and always will be, no matter what mask you wear.


The fire within rages with joy and passion, you may be urged to take some action, to walk some path, but the destination isn’t that important anymore, its not that which brings you joy, its the journey, its this moment, any destination is simply part of the expression, its simply a doorway to the next journey, the whys and what fores are beyond our thinking minds ability to understand, they are part of the Divine plan, who are we to judge?


Just relax in the knowledge that spirit is guiding everything, all you need to do is stay present, stay here, now, and as Eckhart Tolle points to us in his book A New Earth-



‘I don’t mind what happens’ – J Krishnamurti



I feel a pointer to handing it all over to spirit and letting a fire from within express without comes in the form of lyrics to song- unlikely place you might think, but truth emanates from everywhere, you just need to be still and you can hear it-



‘Cant stop the spirits when they need you,
This life is more than just a read through’- Red Hot Chillie Peppers


I feel that sums it up perfectly, the spirits do need us, need us to express through, and we only have one life, this life to surrender to spirit, to let go the ego, to rage like a fire and enlighten others, fire spreads, it helps ignite tiny sparks, and they in turn become their own flames.
Lets set the world alight!
The adventure awaits…….
**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

Comparison or Realisation?

Many of us develop an egotistical identification with our bodies, we derive our sense of self from it by comparing it to’others’. There becomes a ‘me’ and ‘my’ body and it is looked at in comparison with ‘anothers’ body. Ego does not just mean a self inflated image of ourselves, it is also the opposite of that, a poor negative look upon ourselves. So people either come to identify themselves with a body they see as beautiful and better than others or as a body they see as ugly and less than others. This comparison, this separation, this illusional self image and story is the ego.


Here’s the deal………


You are not your body. Your body is a fleeting temporary form, it changes and evolves every single moment, it will one day fall away and die as we know it, your body is mortal, YOU ARE ETERNAL. When your physical form fades away what will remain is your true essence, that essence that always was and always will be.


Now that being said, i believe your body is an expression of that essence of spirit. It is one of the many manifestations of that of spirit , that is allowing spirit or God express through you and become conscious of itself, awakening.


In that respect to say your body is beautiful and truly a thing of wonder and marvel is absolutely true, this is not a comparison with someone else, this s not saying you are better or worse than someone else, but realising your own true beauty and perfection, a realisation of everyone and every things true beauty and perfection. This is not separation , but complete inclusion.


Whatever your physical form may be, whatever you think of it, it is a perfect expression of the Devine, it is perfect to let spirit and presence shine through you in whatever way it sees best for your particular expression, everyone is beautiful! Beauty is all that exists.



By not developing some sort of sense of self from your body does not however give us an excuse to neglect it. It is a gift, given to us for our own awakening and expression of spirit, we should treat it with with extreme respect and gratitude. It is allowing us to experience this beautiful fleeting moment, this ephemeral mortal life. It is a gift to be enjoyed fully, to feel its vitality in completeness.


T o any physical culturist and athlete, the physical body is also not only the canvass by which we paint our expression upon, but also the brush we use to do the painting. It truly is a thing of wonder!


Musashi in his Book of Five Rings tells us to ‘study our tools’For all of us our bodies are our tools, some of use them as a direct form of expression of spirit, others it is the medium that allows them to express spirit, be it in writing, art, music, or anything else. This gift, this tool, should be studied deeply and relentlessly.



Even in seeming disability there lies the seed of perfect expression, Ive been reading about many old time circus performers and athletes, who were born with a seeming disability who turned it round to their advantage, they just surrendered and accepted the perfection of what they had, and let spirit use them perfectly as it intended too. The same stands true today.



The realisation is this, are all perfect expression for spirit if we just let go of our ego identity, beauty is inherent in all of us ,no more and no less. And to think how beautiful and amazing the human form is, that is just a tiny fleeting expression of what we truly are, what we truly are in essence is beauty beyond description.


**This is a republished blog from my old site Brutal Training – Europe**


The Adventure awaits…..

Spirit Moves

A few years ago I won the amazing – ‘Hand Balancing Mastery Course’ in an article competition set up by Logan Christopher over at I was obviously delighted and very grateful that I won.
Winning that contest however had nothing to do with me, at least not small me, or ego identity. It had everything to however with true me, with the bigger I AM, with spirit. When we dedicate ourselves to an ideal with all our love and all our passion, when that ideal emerges out of our own true soul, when we surrender our egotistical wants and desires we become an expression of spirit, and the cosmic rushes to our aid, spirit helps itself.


How do we know when any action we feel moved to do stems from consciousness instead of ego? Simple – when you don’t have to ask that question. Are you driven to do an action to gain you some sort of personal gratification or identity enhancer or happiness derived from outside of yourself in the future? Or are you moved to do whatever it is you do from a place of quietness and calmness, from love of what you do right now? Is it the destination you crave ? or is it simply the joy of the journey?


That’s not to say there is no vision of a goal, there is a very strong burning vision, a dream emerging before you, but it is simply the natural expression of spirit, of consciousness becoming conscious of itself and expressing through you. The vision before you become secondary to the present moment, to your state of consciousness right now. The paradox is even though there may be a burning vision before you , there is no final aim because your life has become an expression of spirit.
Any vision you may have, a good thing to ask is this – Is this just simply something that will make me feel personally better? or is it something that when i visualise i can see it being of the benefit of all? will it help me inspire others, to share love with others, to help awaken others?


“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”- Buddha


To be that candle flame that can light thousands more!


When you can surrender yourself entirely to spirit, something begins to move form inside you, something from deep within begins to express itself out, there is a fire of passion, of love, and there is simply doing, your actions stem from consciousness, from love, there is no obstacles here only opportunity, mountains can be moved, or maybe the mountain is there to be climbed to make you all the stronger on your journey, whatever approaches is exactly what you need, or rather what spirit needs.


The spirit of the thing itself reveals itself to you, rushes to your aid and is you all at the same time.


Here is a link to the article i wrote-
My article is titled- Spirit of Hand balancing
Please check out the other great stories over there and the many great articles by Logan, he is doing some truly inspirational work!


As far as winning the contest goes- I bow humbly to spirit in gratitude
The adventure awaits…..

The Path To Peace

Last night i had the pleasure of going to see The Chinese State Circus. As i was sitting enjoying everything about the show, the performances, the story, the colours, the sounds, the atmosphere, the audience, the stillness, there was both a Kung Fu and Lion Dance performance. I became aware whilst watching these acts of a sentimental feeling arising within me.


Now i don’t have much use for the past, but let me for a moment use it to explain something. I used practice, perform and teach traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Lion Dancing. But more importantly than that was that i was very passionate about it, I immersed myself completely in the tradition and culture, i trained relentlessly and pestered my Sifu on a constant daily basis, until he told my to go away, i would and come straight back. I committed my soul to what i was doing.


As i came back to the present moment i was left with a realization, one probably everyone and i have read about many times, but this was deep and profound striking to my very core.
Everything , all forms, all experiences, every single ‘thing’ changes , evolves and falls away, are all ultimately an illusion. Trying to find happiness and peace in ‘things’ ‘experiences’ ‘ people’ , ‘the world’ as Buddha pointed out thousands of years ago all lead to suffering. Whatever brings us happiness outside of ourselves and we become attached to that as our source of happiness also already contains within it our suffering and unhappiness as everything is fleeting temporary and subject to change. What we do is of no real importance, but How is.
My time practicing Kung Fu and Lion Dancing came to end to make room for something else to manifest.


True peace, true joy is within us, it has no opposite, it needs no outside condition to be, it is a stillness that cannot be moved and at our deepest level, is us, everything else is just on the surface.
You might be thinking , well if everything is fleeting and temporary, if anything we ever do ultimately means nothing, will fall away then whats the point in doing anything?
When you stop looking to things outside of yourself to bring you peace, joy and a sense of self, when you stop looking outside to answer ‘who is this me?’ Then any doing happens for two reasons which are one and ultimately the same. One is to bring consciousness into this world, to awaken yourself and others, the other and same thing is for the pure joy of it. When you stop looking for salvation in things, when you become detached from the need for any outcome to feel whole, you are completely free to enjoy all the fleeting experiences of this world, to honor everything fully, to do everything you do with complete passion and with no fear, because there is nothing to gain or loose, no place to get to, just the sheer joy of creating. You don’t need anything, yet enjoy everything.


I believe everything ‘thing’ in this world, any and every experience you have is a gift from God, is God, and ultimately then is YOU. Confused?? Good, because this isn’t something the mind can understand, it can simply make it into a concept, much like my words are now, they are only pointers to the truth.
That doesn’t mean you go through life never really committing to anything, ditching one thing for another as soon as you get bored, sorry bub your still looking for salvation in things, looking for situations and experiences to bring you fulfilment and when something fails to meet your needs , you go straight onto the next thing, full of enthusiasm- but its short lived.
To honor something fully is to do exactly that, honor it fully.


Choosing which path to walk in your life is one the most courageous thing you can ever do, knowing fully any path you can walk will never bring you to peace, but still to dedicate yourself to it entirely is courage. Its also to realize fully that true peace is here, now, dependant on no-thing. Any path walked seeking happiness and peace as an end as a destination is doomed to fail- I don’t mean you wont wont achieve your aim, you may, but you wont find happiness and peace there.
Choosing to walk a path in peace is to set off as yourself, be yourself every step of the way, at at the end be greeted by yourself. Then you can see, there is no path, only you every moment. All the beautiful experiences, all the amazing things you’ve seen all along the way all exist inside you.
How do you know what path to choose? Become quiet enough , become still enough and IT chooses all by itself.


As all this realization came to me in an instant i heard something echoing through me that someone very wise once said to me, it affected Me deeply when they first said it, but even more so this time, i am grateful for them having said it…..


‘You are a blank sheet, an empty vessel, you are not attached to anything, yet find the joy in everything. Seek no longer to find the truth, seek no longer to experience your true self, it is your natural state. Instead seek to create yourself, who will you be in this lifetime?’- Haydn Ellis


Maybe only now i realize the true significance of those words


The adventure awaits……
**This is a republished post from my old blog Brutal Training – Europe**

Is That My Wave?

When we become still inside, we are confronted with right action to take in any situation, or rather the right action begins to happen through us, there is no longer any ‘me’ who takes the action just the expression at that moment as part of the whole. In Brutal terms- your actions are stemming from correct function. No longer are you doing something to get somewhere actions do not stem from egoic fearing and wanting, cause and effect have been transcended. Everything is just pure expression, the dancer realising they are the dance.


That being said, when we become still and we are faced with some particular action to take, we may also glimpse a destination, not an ultimate destination, but simply something that will come to pass through our action right now, a goal or dream if you will. But the destination is not separate from out experience now, its already all part of a unified whole.


When we have a vision or goal before us it is vitally important not to then make this moment a means to that end.


‘Even though you have a goal, what you are doing in the present moment needs to remain the focal point of your attention: otherwise you will fall out of alignment with universal purpose’ Eckhart Tolle


Does that mean you are not inspired by a goal or vision? Hell no , you become on fire for what you do, but your fire is for the doing, for the moment, its the joy of doing something completely, of burning every trace of yourself, of being.
When we have a vision or goal, the ego mind can sometimes bind our expression through fear and self sabotage. Fear of annihilation, fear and belief that you are undeserving of whatever goal you have can you freeze you.
It may well be that right action that is expressing through you is guiding you to take action that to the world may seem crazy, you may need to take seeming risks, to pour your everything into anything requires great courage. It requires you to expose yourself entirely to drop all masks, to stand naked before the world and be moved by God. It requires you to die to the past, die to all your beliefs, die to everything you think you know, die to everything you think you are, to become a blank sheet. The ego knows that it will be its end, that you will realise it never existed at all.
It doesn’t mean that everytime you have a vision or a goal that you need to quit your job, move away, or change your entire life situation, although it may. It means that when you become still whatever action stems from your heart you have the courage to follow it and follow it entirely, no looking back, no regrets whatever you choose to do to do fully and accept the consequences of your actions.
It means that even though you may be shitting yourself, you transcend fear and realise that ultimately there are no risks, there is no good , no bad, things are just as they are, you just have to trust your heart and follow it, what is there to be afraid of? what is there to loose? How can you ever loose anything that is real?
Is that my wave? that big one? I might die….
Of course you will.
And then you will both be the wave and the rider at the same time.
Ride the wave, wherever it may take you
Have no fear
After all you are eternal don’t you know?


The adventure awaits…..
*This is a republished post from my previous blog Brutal Training – Europe*